Behind the Brand: Life Ninja

Life Ninja was founded by Tom, Trevor and Helen who recognised the need for technological solutions to the issues schools, parents, and students face on a daily basis. The business is based in a quirky studio in central Middlesbrough, and has gone from a team of four to eight in only three years. Two of the co-founders live locally and have children in local schools which has driven their desire to level up the area through the use of innovative educational apps.

Life Ninja has a vision of making education technology affordable to all, with a key feature being rewarded collaboration where teachers, parents and students all work together around the life and learning of the student.

With the priority on collaboration, it aims to supercharge students’ learning, fully engage parents and free up teachers to focus on teaching their students, and greatly reduce the administration and time burden they currently face.

The business has developed a new and exciting network, Learning Ninja and Message Ninja. Message Ninja is used by schools as a communication hub between school and parents, and can also be used as a hub for internal school communications. The app is original because it enables parents to book appointments with teachers, make payments, fundraise, and create events with digital consent from parents and carers. ›Learning Ninja is a one-stop-shop home learning solution that enables communication between school and parents, including reading records, live quizzes, tournaments, and students can earn coins to use on building their own avatar. The beauty of the system is that all the apps work alongside one another.

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