How is Life Ninja helping employment in the Tees Valley?

In March 2020 as most businesses were closing for a period of time due to restrictions, and concerns regarding unemployment in the area of 16–19 year olds claiming benefits at 5.6% which is higher than the national average, Life Ninja recruited our first apprentice. Jack Hobson is working towards his level 4 Software Development having started with us in June 2020.

Jack has been working hard to complete his training, undertaking part of it at home under lockdown, but still under supervision from Tom Bailey, C.T.O. His dedication to his work has helped the business with the development of its Life Ninja Network and the successful delivery of the Middlesbrough Mega Maths Competition.

With youth unemployment above the national average, it is hoped that by participating in apprenticeship schemes we can be part of the aim of the creation of 25,000 jobs in Tees Valley by 2026.

In April 2021 we recruited our second apprentice, Josh Hunt, who is working towards his Level 3 Digital Marketing. Josh has made a great start to his apprenticeship, already completing his first module last week, and has been hard at work ensuring social media posts are posted daily, also creating and distributing our newsletter.

It is really important to Life Ninja that we support the local community in any way we can, providing training opportunities, employment, working with graduates from Teesside University, and we have also put ourselves forward to provide a work experience placement for a local secondary school in 2022. We hope to inspire students currently at school to see the fantastic opportunities in the local area and encourage them to remain in the area in adulthood.

In the next six months, we hope to secure funding to employ a number of teachers to work in local primary schools, assisting them with the delivery and use of the Life Ninja Network and Zap range of educational software.

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