How to create a lifelong reader in your home.

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2 min readJun 14, 2021

How to create a lifelong reader in your home.

As an English teacher, I am always promoting the importance of reading with my students. Being an avid reader myself, I always have the next book waiting for me and have instilled that passion in my own children.

1 in 6 people in the UK have poor literacy skills, and in Middlesbrough 40% of adults have literacy skills below Level 1. The national average is 11%. Life Ninja are working with schools in the area to have a positive impact on pupils in local primary schools to tackle this problem. One of the most beneficial ways to improve literacy skills is to become a competent reader.

Do you know the benefits of reading?

Reading improves your vocabulary and writing skills. Even as adults we can always learn something new. You may have come across new words or unusual phrases which can then be used in your own writing.

It also helps to build confidence and broaden your horizons. Perhaps a meaty novel is not your thing, so why not try some travel writing instead and learn about a new country and culture?

Furthermore, reading helps to reduce stress, improves sleep, develops your creative side and best of all: it is fun!

How can you promote reading at home?

Many parents ask me how they can promote reading at home. My top tip is to become a reader yourself. Children learn from parents and if they see your interest, they will most likely copy your behaviour. Always have books available for your child. You don’t have to buy the latest best- seller, use your local library, in my experience they are always more than happy to order books in.

Also, show an interest in your child’s reading. Discuss the books they are currently interested in, ask them questions about the characters and what they are enjoying most about the book.

Additionally, it really helps if children have a quiet time during the day or at bedtime which is dedicated to reading.

Some website which may help in choosing a great book for yourself or your child:

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