Who is Zap Learning?

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1 min readMay 21, 2021


Zap Learning is a collaboration between Life Ninja Education Ltd and Multiply Music, a division of HW Trading Group Ltd. The two combine cutting edge technology and gamified learning expertise to meet the digital content and engagement needs of primary schools and students alike.

Zap Learning is looking to bring all main subjects of the primary school National Curriculum to a gamified engaging format, using a proven scientific methodology, spaced repetition.

Zap Maths

Zap Maths brings the maths curriculum to life, encouraging student participation and empowering teachers with tools to heighten their students’ learning experience.

Key features in Zap Maths being the fully customisable content creation engine which enables teachers to create new content or tailor the existing content to the needs of their particular curriculum. The UK curriculum is fully covered for Key Stages 1 and 2 with a comprehensive library of quiz questions and games.

Zap Maths incorporates the scientific methodologies of retrieval, spaced repetition, visual cues and rhythmic interaction. These proven methods are shown to increase knowledge retention and much more.

Teachers also have the ability to analyse class data through graphic presentations of results, progress and areas requiring further attention.

Zap English is due for release Summer 2021.

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