10 Great walks for families this summer holiday

  1. Preston Park

Preston Park, located in Eaglescliffe is a very popular park for families as it offers a vast playground with activities for all ages, beautiful riverside walks and even an ice cream shop!

Preston Park has many other features to its…

The Middlesbrough Mega Maths competition came to an end on 28th May 2021. We had hundreds of students joining from across the region which is absolutely amazing.

The winning student, from Captain Cook primary school in Marton, achieved an astonishing 4,597 stars and played many, many hours of Zap Maths…

Life Ninja are passionate about the Middlesbrough area and are currently running a ‘Middlesbrough Mega Maths Competition.’ The competition is open for schools, teachers and parents to join in the area with the ultimate goal of encouraging more students to engage in learning. The student with the most stars earned at the end of the competition will not only be crowned ‘best Boro boy or girl’, but also win a pizza party for their class.

We currently have 18 schools participating, with hundreds of pupils already engaged in the competition. Our aim is to spark a passion for learning in all children in the area and ensure that no child is left behind in education.

You can join the competition by visiting https://subscribe.zaplearning.co.uk/middlesbrough.

Find out more about Life Ninja here

Zap Learning is a collaboration between Life Ninja Education Ltd and Multiply Music, a division of HW Trading Group Ltd. The two combine cutting edge technology and gamified learning expertise to meet the digital content and engagement needs of primary schools and students alike.

Zap Learning is looking to bring…

Life Ninja was founded by Tom, Trevor and Helen who recognised the need for technological solutions to the issues schools, parents, and students face on a daily basis. The business is based in a quirky studio in central Middlesbrough, and has gone from a team of four to eight in…

Life Ninja

The Life Ninja Network is a growing ecosystem of apps that encompasses Parental Communication, Home Learning, and Content Delivery.

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